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  1. HD58X They are amazing headphones. and are pretty easy to drive with a schiit fulla 2.
  2. A very small ISP provides my fiber internet. I'm having an issue with latency in one game. I did a tracert to see what is going on, and my packets are being sent from my home town (near San Antonio,) to Lubbock Texas (opposite direction) then to California, and finally back to Atlanta GA where the servers are. Every other game I play is fine. Is this something an NOC person can fix, and if so what information do I need to give them to help them fix it? I already have all the IP ranges for the servers, and I have the IP address of the ISP in lubbock that is sending my traffic to California
  3. Yea did that didn't work. So It was about time for me to reinstall Windows anyway. Did that and everything worked out. Don't know what it was, but it wasn't a driver issue, something to do with windows. 4 years or so installed.
  4. My GPU has been going black for a few frames at a time, only while gaming, never while doing normal tasks. I pulled up task manager and my GPU dips to 0% utilization during these black flickers. Updated drivers and still have this issue. Next trouble shooting tips?
  5. I just got a second monitor. Set up is main monitor is landscape, second monitor is portrait. Main monitor is 27in 1080p, portrait monitor is 22in 1080p. 22in monitor is Asus something I bought 10 years ago, 27in is MSI Optix MAG27 1. Best practice for getting them to look at least similar. Contrast and brightness wise. Right now they are WAY off from each other. 2. My mouse get really wonky when switching from one screen to the other, it jumps vertically about 2 inches when going between them. Any way to fix this? I think it has something to do with them being same resolution, but di
  6. So I have been having really bad ping for months now. I used to get around 30-60 playing most of my games. I did a netstat -n from CMD found the server IP address, it's in Georgia. I then used a tracert to see what's going on. My traffic is getting routed from San Antonio (where I live) to Chicago (charter server somewhere), then to Dallas Texas, then to Georgia. Why on God's green earth is my ISP doing that? Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this?
  7. Upgrading my wife's 2500 intel to a ryzen 2700x. Put eveything in and No post.... The cpu cooler lights up, but I get no display nothing. Removed a stick of ram, and same thing. Removed second stick of ram and now it power cycles itself, still with no display. Doesn't even wake the display. Ram is known working, GPU is known working. Motherboard is asrock a320m. Dead CPU? Dead Motherboard? both are brand new. Did i do something wrong. I've built several PC's in the past, Ryzen is the only one to give me any issues
  8. I don't want to fresh install windows on my wife's i5 2500. What are the best practices when upgrading MB/CPU from Intel to AMD. Going from the intel to ryzen 2700x
  9. I just bought the Massdrop Sennheiser HD58X and was wondering if a DAC/Amp is necessary. I have the ROG Strix Z370-E gaming Motherboard with "Industry-leading 8-channel HD audio with dual headphone amplifiers and ROG exclusive SupremeFX S1220A CODEC driven by Japanese capacitors" Will it be better for me to buy a something like the Schiit Fulla 2 or keep the onboard audio. Going to be pairing this with a Modmic 5 also.
  10. Thanks let me know how it goes
  11. Hey guys. I wanted to play Crysis 1 and warhead again with my GTX 1080 to compare it to my old 770. It is literally unplayable now I get horrible screen tearing on a 144hz monitor 1440p. It's the only game I have that does this. I've changed the settings around and played with Gsync and ingame Vsync. Ingame Vsync still tears but not as bad only about 3 lines of tearing, but the input lag is the worst I've ever seen. Close to half a second delay it feels like. Gsync has no latency but still 3 lines worth of tearing, and when I turn off Vsync no input lag but 5 lines of tearing with even the sli