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    i7 8086k @ 5.3Ghz
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    ASRock Z370 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming i7
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    32GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB @ 3733Mhz
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    Aorus GTX 1080 11Gbps
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    Corsair Carbide 540 white
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    960 EVO 250GB, WD Blue 1TB, WD Gold 4TB
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    Corsair HX1000i
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    ASUS PG348Q
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    Corsair H150i
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    HyperX Alloy Elite (MX Blue)
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    M65 RGB PRO
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    AKG K702
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    Windows 10

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  1. Unfortunately the backplate on those isn't actually "active", notice how EK is very careful in their wording. It's very likely there's just a thermal pad connecting the coldplate of the block to the backplate. AquaComputer has active backplates with their Kryographics NEXT stuff though. I have a 3090 FE with a Bitspower block on it, the maximum GDDR6X junction temp i've seen is 78c with a loop of Metro Exodus on maximum settings. The front-side modules are cooled by the cold plate so I assume they're at 50-60c, but the ones on the back sit around 70-80c due to it just being a passive b
  2. They've been doing shady garbage like this for a long time, especially regarding laptops. Take a read here if you're interested in similar debacles: https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/dont-buy-msi-they-mis-sold-top-spec-gt-series-laptops-with-mxm-graphics.18746748/ TL;DR MSI lied about upgradability of their laptops, removed their UK social medias, hid evidence & charged customers different prices for the same 'exchange'.
  3. Apple does have a feature where the phone will only charge to 80% or so for the majority of the night, and then complete the final 20% for the time it predicts you will begin using the phone. It's pretty neat, though I haven't seen it in action with my phone since I charge it at random.
  4. This is for the APU's - it's possible that they don't use the IO die which is what enables PCIe 4.0 on Matisse to my knowledge. Regular Ryzen 4000 desktop CPU's will almost 100% have PCIe 4.0.
  5. HWmonitor is terrible for modern AMD platforms, get HWinfo64 and use it in sensor mode for accurate readings.
  6. Go down to 19.6.X drivers and see if they stop. 19.6.3 was the last one pre-Navi, which is where everything went to hell. I use them on my Radeon VII and it solves the issues that come along with using post-Navi drivers. https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-19-6-3
  7. I used to think the same until I got an iPhone, all you have to do is press the power button twice & your card is ready. (Provided FaceID passes, but I haven't had it fail yet). Carrying zero cards is great because i'd definitely end up losing them if I did.
  8. Medium article has been taken down, a bit too late for that now ;’)
  9. That’s insane, I was considering getting a skin from them but I went with dbrand in the end. Good thing I did!
  10. Could’ve at least made a DP one too! But still, why?
  11. I've got an 8086k running at 5.3Ghz 1.344v myself with a -1 AVX offset, and from seeing other experiences most 8086k's will be able to run at or above 5Ghz with 1.35v, as recommended above. It is a decent starting point. (A fair chunk of them can also do 5Ghz around 1.25v too, so do keep that in mind.) I'm not sure how LLC works on ASUS boards, but I have it set to maximum on my ASRock Z370 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming i7. I'd recommend doing the same to avoid vdroop. You will likely need a delid for anything above 1.3v to run stress tests, as mine was getting to 86c+ w
  12. Those numbers sound a lot like what I get at 3440x1440 on my 1080, I don't think there's an issue with your system, 3440x1440 is just difficult to drive even with a 1080.
  13. I've been a member (Rather my family) for 3 years now I think? It certainly does pay for itself. I get it for £37/yr due to student discount, really can't complain when you get things like unlimited one day shipping & Mr. Robot
  14. I got 32GB of SODIMM for £121 a while back. That same kit is now £345. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/32gb-(2x16gb)-corsair-ddr4-so-dimm-value-select-pc4-17000-(2133)-non-ecc-unbuffered-cas-15-15-15-36-
  15. Played at 2560x1080 on dual R9 290X's for over a year, it was fine with 4GB VRAM.