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  1. Every time i turn HDR off, it turns itself back on again. Which is pretty damn frustrating since i can't test stuff out this way.
  2. Also another thing i haven't thought of. HDR is on. Should i use HDR? When i turned it off it seemed like my brightness got turned all the way down but it was on 100%. I've heard there aren't any benefits to it especially with HDR 400. So will i only get negatives with it on?
  3. Yea i really don't understand what is happening. If it persists through the weekend and i can't find a fix for it then i'll probably have to return it. Because the blurring is driving me insane. It isn't ghosting. When things move too fast it just... blurs. Words jumble together and become a shape. There is no trailing or anything like that. I honestly don't understand what is happening and thats whats messing me up most. I can fix most things. But when i can't even find a single person on the internet that has the same issue as me. Or none reported, well i have no clue where to even look.
  4. Running at 160HZ. Which is the overdrive. The ufo looks the same at 144 with overdrive disabled. In the UFO test the UFO just looks blurred. The white dots seem like a line. His eyes too. On my old monitor i could very clearly see the UFO. I could still make out the tiny dots etc. On this one its impossible.
  5. The default is Gamer 1. But it just looks off to me. But also my main issue is the side to side blur. Its incredibly noticable in even movies and youtube. When characters walk from either side to the other. I can't even see their features anymore. They just become a blurry mess. Its actually horrible looking.
  6. Hello everyone, I've had this monitor for... well a few hours now. I've been trying to set up the colours. But its been a pain to be honest. Gamer 1 seems very dark and warm. Gamer 2 seems better, a bit more cool. But it makes colours washed out. Also i used the Display port cable that came with the monitor. But the "displayport version" option in general options is greyed out. So i can't do anything with that. So i can't see if its Displayport 1.4. Everyone says to use gamer 1. But it makes the white of this forum seem almost pinkish in colour. In gamer 2 its more white. But it turns grey/
  7. Yea thats what i'm thinking. I'm worried about the memory tho. (only because other people keep bringing it up and making a huge deal out if it. I myself don't know tbh.)
  8. I will also be getting a new PC case since the airflow in this one is bad. So i'm probably going for a "PHANTEKS Eclipse P500A" because airflow numbers etc seem very good. I'm pretty bad at building my pc, cables wise. And also i don't really know what to do with the fans. But hey i'll figure that out when i get to that point.
  9. I really want to wait, since i know how 2080 owners felt when the "super" versions came out. But since the 3090 seems to on average have between a 10-20% increase. I'm guessing the 3080ti will be 10% at max. Otherwise the 3090 would be obsolete if the TI version of the 3080 can get really close to a 3090. So if i can get a good OC going, i can probably get close to 3080TI specs with the 3080 STRIX. But we obviously don't know that yet. The games i like the most are competative FPS games. So the only reason i don't have a 4k screen is because high refresh rate, low latency 4K monitors are
  10. I've already done that a few weeks back, it helped slightly for a bit. And then it went back to just space heater temps.
  11. Hello everyone, as the title says, my current GPU is dying. Artifacting, temps sometimes up to 98 degrees celcius. (Lowering graphics etc doesn't do anything to fix this) And just a bunch of other issues. I have a 1440P 144hz monitor. And an i5 8600K overclocked to 5GHZ. I know i can expect some bottlenecking with my CPU. But i don't have the money to next to a new GPU also get a motherboard and CPU upgrade. Got a 1200W PSU platinum rated. So i'm not worried about that part. I have an "ASUS RTX 3080 ROG-STRIX" on pre-order. According to the lady i had on the phone i'm near the to
  12. I have a GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard. My problem is, like i said the 3080 is already cleaning out my bank account. Thanks to my illness i have to be on gov benefits because nobody in their right minds would pick me over someone healthy. So my funds are very limited. Getting a new mobo and CPU etc would cost way too much. And upgrading from an i5 8600k to an i7 8700k seems like a lateral move. I might upgrade some time down the line. But atm i simply can't afford it. It will take me multiple months to get the money just for a CPU.
  13. Hello everyone, as the title states, i have an i5 8600K overclocked to 4.8. I can probably go higher. But is this enough for a 3080? I currently have a dying 1080TI. And honestly i'd love to have a TI card again. I'm on the pre order list for an MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio. But i'm wondering if i should wait for the TI version. I love playing high fidelity games. But the games i always come back to are FPS games. I have a 1440P 144HZ monitor. Am ofc waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. And some of the other games coming out this year. My 1080 will probably not make it till the end