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    ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
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    Gigabyte GTX 960 4Gb x2
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  1. honestly, im just building it for him and from my experience he doesnt seem like the kind of person to go sli or even use a second pci slot, but if theres more benefits sure id like to hear them or be given a reason why itll be better for him
  2. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/2rHDdD This is the current PC build idea we have, he already has a case and a HDD. any suggestions? budget is about £1000 (Pounds GBP)
  3. I used Small Data sets for 10 mins and this was the result, not sure if its good or not, i know 90C isnt good at all but i feel like it is stable.
  4. I always knew 90 celcius was bad, my friend put it a dumb way for me to remember but it hasnt BSOD'd YET...
  5. thats the settings and a monitoring software i used...it seemed stable for the 20 mins i ran it
  6. got any suggestions for what settings i should do and what i should look out for? Im currently got it to run a stress test for 30 mins, the voltage after 5 mins is min 1.295-1.290 and the max is 1.336-1.344. The temps after 5 mins are min 37 and max 76. Thats Celcius
  7. 28% seemed small? How do i check voltage and i was playing breakpoint at 4K Ultra settings and it never reached 85 never the less 80, it would bounce around for a few seconds but would always hover in the 65-75 temp ranges.
  8. I just applied a small 28% OC which now makes the CPU turbo at 4.5GHz which seems to have fixed the 100% CPU usage
  9. 1) I don't feel like i have an ego about my PC, i understand it is no where near the best money can buy but compared to my old FX-8350 and SLI'd 960's, from my perspective this to me is so much more of an upgrade then what I use to have. 2) I have used this forum before, I have the utmost respect for people who come here and comment as they dont need to but choose to. 3) Its not that i did not like his answer, i do understand there is a bottleneck but please understand that this current setup, had nothing to do with me it was a going away present and a birthday present
  10. I also would like to apologise for replying in such a rude way before, I do hate people telling me it is a bottleneck and constantly talking about it and people just presume that someone can go out and buy such large things without knowing the reasoning behind the original purchase : ) i hope you accept my apology and continue to have a good evening or afternoon.
  11. Truth - i5 and 2080super where a birthday present and going to uni present. Lie - I have enough money to buy a new CPU and mobo to make sure i have less of a bottleneck. So even if i wished to upgrade my CPU and Mobo i wouldnt be able too besides it only seems to happen in the three games stated in my original post.
  12. tell me both so i can see which one i prefer
  13. I have researched this bottleneck using a calculator my friend gave me, its on BottleneckCalculator.com, im not too sure how accurate this is but apparently your resolutions dictate how bottlenecked you are and I am never playing at 1080p always 4K so using this calculator am i too worry more about the bottleneck if its 20% and be lowered to 10% with a 25% CPU speed increase?