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32gb ram using 2 16gb sticks vs 4 8gb sticks?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey all...


I've done some research but things are still a bit unclear for me so I thought I'd ask here :)


I'm planning to get 32gb ram (3200 speed) this week for a new build and I've noticed that I can get it cheaper on 4 sticks rather than 2 sticks. In general Is there a significant difference in performance doing one over the other?


I'm considering doing a ryzen 7 2700x build

with an x470 motherboard. And I'm using the build for gaming and 3D design work.

The build will be something like this (but not exactly,...I might get a gtx 1080 and a different power supply for example, but they will be parts that are comparable)






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Get this PSU or this PSU instead. The G1+ units were good, but the G2 units were better, and they're the same price (technically cheaper but it's like $5).


edit: yeah do what he said for RAM xD

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@op, there is no noticeable difference between 4 and 2 stick configurations of the same capacity. i suggest 2 stick for later expand-ability.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks all for the advice...


I can't imagine ever using more than 32 GB  but I'll consider only doing 2 sticks for that reason  but probably only if I can find a killer deal.  I haven't seen one yet,  maybe something will pop up.



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