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An EVGA 2080 Ti GPU Caught fire during light usage

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Posted · Original PosterOP


Watch out AMD , Competition.



According to reports from a forum member from [H]ardOCP , His somewhat newly bought GPU from EVGA 2080 Ti XC edition was apparently caught on fire during light usage , he hadn't done an overclocking on the card nor been using a faulty PSU or failed cooling fans issues to point at an external user fault.



I was just doing some web browsing, wasn't even doing anything else at the time. Everything in its stock form, never even opened it before.
Suddenly, the PC just turned off itself. I was wondering what went wrong by looking into the side panel, then suddenly graphic card starts to shoot flame at the edge of PCB.

Scared the shit out of me since my kid was right around it when it shoots flame. Haven't tried to turn the PC back on to check if the rest is fine, since I don't have extra GPU with me.














there are simply too many reports coming in from RTX 2080 Ti owners about various problems, all of which seem to require an RMA procedure and repair or replacement.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -  Forbes


This is an isolated report , not everyone's GPU is blowing up at random, mostly failing early on, which is still a pretty big issue,  for the most part,  But an ASUS 2080 Ti user recently reported a similar issue that apparently didn't make news on Forbes. :ph34r:






Anyways some members are pointing at an issue of EVGA's thermal pads not being efficient enough. others saying it's a flaw in PCB design by the parent company, but this is not the first time tho an EVGA card have being caught up with fire issue, one of the previous 10XX series card had been caught having a similar issue due to a VRAM issue.



You're gonna be blown away by this GPU 

                                                         -  Jen Hsun probably


2080 flagship series was very promising with significant performance increase from the previous 10xx series with various eye candy changes ,  Ray tracing, shroud change, perf increase, huge 4k improvements, But recently have had an issue with early failing according to multiple reports, 






What are "test escapes?" That's a gentle way saying that the underlying cause for "the issues" made it past quality control and into the hands of consumers. Potentially faulty resistors, capacitors or other components of a PCB. Test escapes can occur because of both hardware and human error.







one of the forum members offered a possible explanation to the situation, but  might not be accurate



That's crazy! I'm not entirely surprised by it, since I know how hot those chokes can get... but I AM curious about a couple things, if anyone knows the answer?
Is it the Fan Header that melted? It kinda looks that way to me in this pic, as there looks to be at least 3 wires and heatshrink tubing:


. What I've traced in red, is that some sort of metal backplate, or just the copper ground layer that is now visible?


To my untrained eye, it looked like it's the fan header and that they routed the wires between those two 1RD 1818 chokes.
As for why it would've caught fire under a simple load like browsing the internet (unless it was YouTube vids?), the only thing I can speculate is that the heatshrink tubing was the "good" kind that has a glue in it, except in this instance it's that glue which ended up catching fire. I've used that kind of heatshrink before, but I don't have any experience as to it's resistance to prolonged high heat like what those chokes can produce (and I don't know if those specific chokes are really going to, given their location, both far from power phases and at the edge of the board with decent airflow). The glue in those obviously doesn't take much to melt and "flow", as I've just used a cig lighter, but I also only expose it all to heat long enough to shrink and ooze the glue a little. Exposure to continual heat could easily cause it to break down and dry out in which *poof*; or break down and emit a flammable gas or resin, in which *poof*.




To be fair this is something that is bound to happen in one in every ten thousands or  or a hundred thousand , due to manufacturing defects & minor issues causing chain events that leads up to something catastrophic with this much complex design & work involved. any form of electronics can succumb to this , EVGA is very responsive to RMA request & user complaints afaik. so it should be taken care off without an issue. competitors might use it for dampen competition so, be thoughtful of excessive bashing.



Update: from the user


Just contacted EVGA and got a cross shipping RMA in process. Hopefully I can have another replacement by weekend to start off my new build. It was suppose to be part of my new 9900k system, glad I didn't stick this one in there yet.


Source :







Anywho, what are yours thoughts on this? post your reactions & responses down below.






Also Might be a good read :







Bonus meme :


Some thread responses:

  • nVidia - "It wasn't our fault. Who knew Firestrike could strike back?!"
  • I guess a $20 mini fire extinguisher is cheap insurance when buying a $1200 card.
  • Damn, that sucks, only thing I had flame out on me was my refurb Sansa Clip MP3 player looped around my neck cycling home from work.




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The location seems to be where the various secondary voltage rails are, namely PEX and the power draw reading circuits. EVGA's using reference design there, so either Nvidia underspeced the power draw of these circuitry like they did on memory VRM's inductors of 780ti/780/980ti and Titans of the same architectures, or EVGA got a bad batch of components, just like how they did with capacitors on the 1080s and 1070s.

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The best thing to do is reading the clock speed that doesnt end in a pair of zeros. Software voltage readings are wrong if your motherboard's not a high end model

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2 minutes ago, Nicnac said:

why is it always evga in the news? they seem to be so high end

bought as high end as that fire was high heat



probably was bad circulation or he probably was dusting it when he left his paper towel in it

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how rushed was RTX... like why? it's not like Nvidia had any competitors to even the 1080Ti at the time...


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Nvidia's hubris has really outdone itself this time

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Ah, another reason why I feel justified in keeping my money and not upgrading from my perfectly fine GTX 1070 :3

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Please quote me so I can see that you replied.


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On 4/17/2017 at 5:36 PM, Ryan_Vickers said:

Rawr9 Furry Sex

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I guess you could say... this is a hot story...  (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)


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Fermi = Turing confirmed

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Is this based off the reference PCB design?

Please tag me if you need assistance or if you want me to contribute to a topic 



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Posted · Original PosterOP
4 hours ago, D13H4RD said:

Is this based off the reference PCB design?

iircc according to a evga forum guy it is based off of a reference design , custom pcb's take time to manufacture.

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And yet the GTX 480 didn't suffer the same problem, despite its furnace like temperatures.

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NVidia botched this release hard, their yesterdays financial statement and -15% on aftermarket speaks for itself. Im too lazy and uninterested to read the report but my guess is 10 series stock is way higher then expected and 20 series initial sales are 20+ percent lower then expectations

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