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Surfshark review: reliable and affordable VPN, unlimited devices and high speed.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've been using Surfshark VPN for nearly two months now and want to share my experience with it. First of all, I have used a few VPNs before, but don't want to start name calling, let every product speak for itself and the consumers form their own opinions. I hope this review will help to form some of yours.


Surfshark stands above other VPNs by implementing two important features:


  • Unlimited device support;
  • Split-tunneling.

The first one is self-explanatory: you buy Surfshark once and you can set it up on each and every device you like for no additional cost. Before going further I'd like to mention one step-back. I've tried setting it up on my friends MacBook and apparently, the Mac app is yet to be developed. We were able to set it up manually and I contacted their customer support for guidance and was assured that the Mac App will be released shortly. It comes as no surprise because this is a very fresh VPN. And as new as it is, support for unlimited devices is a rare feature. I have my account set up on 7 different devices, needless to say, a valuable feature for a good VPN.


Split-tunneling is another rarity in the VPN market. Usually, if you turn a VPN on then all of your traffic goes through their servers automatically changing your IP, thus the location. And sometimes that may be a problem, for example, you won't be able to call uber or use car parking apps, some video games don't work with VPN too. Split-tunneling allows to bypass this, basically, you can "white-list" certain software to bypass VPNs protection and go straight through your ISP. (check the attached picture)


For a newborn Surfshark has all other necessary implementations: a Kill Switch to terminate your connection if VPN server drops; CleanWeb feature is sort of an AdBlock, so expect to see way fewer ads than before. Furthermore, CleanWeb blacklists potentially dangerous websites, so even if you mistakenly click on a malicious link Surfshark will prevent you from going there. Love this feature. If you want to be extra safe you can use the MultiHop feature, your connection will bounce through two servers instead of one and it will be much harder to discover your true IP. One more important thing regarding privacy: Surfshark is based in The British Virgin Islands, a jurisdiction with no data-retention laws, meaning no governmental or any other agency can ask them to provide private information. This is a strong argument to back-up their no-logs policy.


I've tried unlocking US Netflix content and had no troubles doing it. Even though I have not been to China (but some of you maybe live there or are planning to travel the far-east), I read online that Surfshark is one of the few VPNs that still work there. But this I can't back-up personally, so if anybody has tried using it in China please do comment.


Regarding streaming, speed is the most important thing. So just check the results that I got below with Ookla speed test, they speak for themselves...Gamers, take notice of the ping, this ping will hardly mess with online games you play, so Surfshark might be the right choice for you. And remember split-tunneling feature, if there's a need you can whitelist a game to bypass VPNs server. By the way, this wasn't even the nearest server to my location, not the furthest either, somewhere in the middle. So the speed is top-notch.


Very user-friendly app.


Last but not least is the price. I bought it on the previous discount, but the one they're offering now stands at 83%, amounting to just 1.99$/month for a 2-year plan. You can get the deal here.


Just one thing before I fly away. The software is in active development, so if you use it you will see updates pop-up pretty often. It may be irritating sometimes, but I'm happy knowing the product I use for privacy protection is constantly updated. Hope you will find this helpful.




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