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The evolution of the build First build to current

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Been wanting to do this for a while now, mainly because some of my friends have asked me about how I got to the PC I currently run, and how long it took to get here. Truth as we know is you can build any rig from scratch, just have to brace yourself for the initial sticker shock instead of parsing it one bit at a time. So here it is in a nutshell, my crazy build evolution. 


May 2015

 - Alienware 17 R2 980m Laptop  acquired, with graphics amplifier and a GTX970 inside (yes, I used that for docking, and it was a solid 20% ahead of my 980m at the time). 

June 2015

 - Acquired LG 29" Ultrawide for my dock setup, and quickly realized that a custom build was in the future with my 970, so started searching ebay and found a used reference 970 for around 260 at the time which was a good price. 

 - Went to microcenter and started a build with the following: 

 i7 4790k, 16gb Corsair Vengeance Ram, Asus Hero VII motherboard, NZXT Phantom case (not sure why i wanted that case at the time) Corsair H55 AIO, couple HDD, and used my old alienware keyboard and mouse that I got for free with dell points. 

Feb 2016

 - Moved to Swiftech H220x Prestige cooler

April 2016

 - Rebuilt inside the Phanteks Enthoo M Acrylic - welcome RGB phase

Feb 2017

 - New GTX 1070 Strix cards arrive for SLI, take my 970's and build a second system based on a 6600k for my brother in law for his first custom build. 

November 2017

 - Alienware 34" released and ordered and arrives - previous monitors changed a lot from a triple screen to quad screen to dual screens to this

 - 8700k parts arrive for system rebuild

   - 8700k, strix 370e motherboard, 32gb Trident RGB 3000 mhz Ram, Deepcool elcaptain 360 white RGB cooler, Black and white replacement cables, Corsair 570x RGB White case

September 2018 

 - RTX 2080 arrives, 1070's sold (hardwareswap reddit) to fund, 9900k was preordered

October 2018

 - 9900k orders are a let down. Amazon gives no ETA, other retailers have soft dates but no ones getting chips. Decide the money on that could be spent better on the rig, so it's time to custom loop and delid which is where we are today. 


So while my final rig value is quite expensive, it was done piece by piece over the course of the last 3 and as half years. Of course, I can say that I am not currently using any parts that were in the original build. Even the memory card ready died at this point. Though, I believe one of my HDD is from the original! We will see how long this rig stays the same, I plan to either add a vertical GPU mount or move to SLI again in the future, but for now the system is awesome and stable and quiet, so what's the rush? 


Final Superposition score on current system from last night: 


A brief ish look at the system over time . . . 




SLI 1070 Setup for sale!!!

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