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Ghetto Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

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6 hours ago, Bitter said:

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks, you must have magic fingers :)




After taking some pics before the delid there seemed like there was a crack or maybe it was just an illusion.




Thumb nail between the heat spreader and BGA substrate in that corner and it came off in my hand chief! A little surprised how easy it was as it seemed to be stuck on solid. Now have to go out and get some cleaning stuff. Haven't decided how to brace for the socket, might even reuse the spreader as the idea seems good, although would mean double TIM. They say indecision is the key to flexibility and at the moment I'm trying to be very flexible. :D 

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So that looks like that awful grey goo stuff that costs 50 cents a tube, the old gritty silicone compound. If that IHS isn't aluminum I vote for liquid metal treatment! You can insulate the components on the sides of the dies with E6000 craft glue, I use that to protect circuit boards and wiring that are exposed to the elements, good stuff. Does it look like a standard copper IHS would fit on there, that one looks kind of weird shaped?

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