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RoCE vs iWARP - CPU Load and Speed Differences?

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I am planning to do a network upgrade where I would like to use RDMA (RoCE, I can't do SFP+ or QSFP+ since that'd be too expensive with all those cables and 'amps'.) However, I would also like to use an Intel Network Adapter (X540-T2 or similar), though on Intel's site (ARK) I couldn't find any supporting RoCE, just iWARP. I do not want to pay for one of those expensive Mellanox ConnectX-4 or so.

BTW: It's just that I was sympathized by RDMA what Linus showed off in one of those videos, that inspired me since then I don't have to have such a powerful CPU like one I would need for SMB Multichannel.


So, is there any recognizable difference in speed and CPU Load regarding iWARP and RoCE? I have just read that iWARP has one or two more software-layers, though I really don't know.

Thanks in advance

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