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should Linus review a chromebook?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i think Linus should review a chromebook. a cheap one. 


i have a chromebook with a celeron N3060, which feels way faster than my Windows 10 tablet with a Z8350, because a chromebook doesn have Windows crap consuming cpu. 


i´d like the review to be from the perspective of someone who already has a main computer, because realistically a cheap chromebook like that would be hard to use as a main machine. 

They/Them :) 

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That would indeed be a good idea, seeing alot of people consider them.

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Sure why not, but from what I heard chrome os is trash. Still would be nice to get Linus opinion on the subject

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I mean it would be interesting, but I think that it would be quite a negative video from the view of someone like Linus.


On a side note I thought that cromebooks had kinda died in the past year or so, but that is probably because of the education I am taking where a chromebook wouldn't be up to the task no matter what.

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I am pretty sure he has before.

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This thread sort of exists




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^ This, the video suggestion thread is sticky'd to avoid the multiplication of threads like this one.



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