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Mukul Gahlot

What is better DSLR or Mirrorless Camera for videography??

DSLR vs Mirrorless Camera for Videography @$850 4k@60fps ??  

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  1. 1. DSLR vs Mirrorless Camera for Videography @$850 4k@60fps ?? Scenario : Shooting in a stable environment mostly in a studio, with Tripod.

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    • Mirrorless Camera

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9 minutes ago, Mukul Gahlot said:

Cool, will definitely check that out. And can you explain your concerns for not going with a DSLR in this scenario. And please opt out for the poll also for a better overview.

You should't even consider DSLR for your scenario.

There are 2 good DSLR video camera, one is canon 80d the other is 5d Mark 3. both doesn't support 4k.


There are another option though, its hybrid prosumer camera like sony RX10 lineup and Panasonic FZ2500.

Both have full fledge videography features but cannot change the lens.

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Whether the thing has a mirror in it is irrelevant. What you need is something that will record in that resolution for the price. I think you are more likely to find mirrorless cameras doing that, since the only DSLR I'm aware that will shoot 4k at 60fps is the 1dxii and that is obviously nowhere near $850. 


I mean you will have issues finding something that shoots 4k at 60fps that isn't a camcorder in the first place. I dont even think the gh4 will do that and thats the only camera likely to be anywhere near $850. The gh5s does, but thats it. Honestly, I think the only 2 cameras available that will do that short of cinema cameras are the 1dxii and the gh5s. The a7s line only does 4k at 60 as far as I'm aware and the g7 maxes out at 30 fps as well, which is probably your best bet short of a camcorder. The fuji xt3 will do 4k at 60fps, and is probably the best for it, but is still double what you want to pay for it. 


EDIT: Also, there are cases where a camera will do the frame rate, but the lens you have in front of it makes for less sharp results, thus a 1080p capable camera may produce sharper looking footage. 


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It's more likely that you'd find a mirrorless camera that is able to record in UHD in that price range.

Please tag me if you need assistance or if you want me to contribute to a topic 



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