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gpu core clock stuck on 300

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hi , i have asus radeon rx460 2gb oc and it gpu core clock stuck on 214 htz and games become low fps. 
its about a year i had this problem and i reinstall many adrenalin versions but its not fixed.

even with changing windows its not solved. i hear somethings about uvd bug but i don't know anything about that.
i send my card to guaranty but they say the grafic card is 100 ok and done all the test./

i realy confused. 

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I had this issue on my nvidia 980ti. The drivers need to be reinstalled cause windows sees it as a display adapter but not a 3d gpu so when you load up 3d applications the driver for it isn't taking control away from windows and swapping to 3d compute and there for it wont boost its clocks cause it doesn't know what to do.

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Try running DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) is Safe Mode (this is important) to wipe any and all data for any display driver that has been installed previously, once finished just then install the driver you want as normal.

It's common for drivers being installed over the top of older versions to cause issues.

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