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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey all I really wanted to show off my build because I’m incredibly proud of it! Plus I’m only 18 ^_^


I originally started out building this PC in a old Corsair Carbide back in 2013, I was only in the 7th grade!!! I used Neweggs and Linus’ videos for assistance as many fellow newbies back then did too. After completing this build I pretty much set my entire attention and life goal on computers. To be later defined as Computer Engineering!


I’m also incredibly proud of my overclocking capabilities with these parts, you can see exactly what I’m talking about by checking out this benchmark. IM IN THE 90TH PERCENTILES




I’m having issues linking PC part picker please view my profile to see every part in the current build!












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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, Mholes said:

Looking good! I personally don't like the blue RGB lighting since it hurts my eyes.

Haha, cool thing about the Asus Aura motherboard is the leds on the parts themselves, motherboard, ram, and gpu, actually all sync with the led strip within the case and the one around the desk. Everything controlled with Asus Aura! When it works lmfao

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The back fan is pulling air unfiltered. Enjoy the dust.

Magical Pineapples

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Posted · Original PosterOP
6 hours ago, EMC said:

The back fan is pulling air unfiltered. Enjoy the dust.

Fully aware, I’m a clean freak so this isn’t an issue for me. The radiator has 3 fans that are consistently running around 1500-2000 up to 3000 max rpm and the case fans are anywhere from 1000-1500 rpm. I actually save several degress from this fan orientation! Plus this stupid 8700k runs reallly reallly hot, even after a delid.


If you own any 1070 or higher card you know how sweaty their backs get!


And if it ever does come down to it, I’ll just buy a 140mm filter just for you ;)

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