Ever since @STRMfrmXMN logged off we've been without a Tier List. Here's actually the one I've used the whole time - now public.   The following list is just a copy of the original one (messed up) but with new PSUs added. A completely revised version is in the works.   All information below is opinion based on fact. Units may be bumped down due to the following: missing protections, group regulation, bad electrical performance and exploding. List is subject to change at any time, due to change in sources available. Sleeve bearing fans will not be placed above Tier 3, and when bumped are marked with 3 gold asterisks. Group regulated units will not be placed above Tier 4, and when bumped are marked with 3 blue asterisks.   This is a refresh of the PSU Tier List by @STRMfrmXMN who is no longer logging in. Credit to them for the initial list as it existed on 24 October 2018 when this thread went live.   Derived list last updated 8 December 2018 (Order from best to worst: S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G) Tier S Antec - High Current Pro, High Current Platinum be Quiet! - Dark Power Pro P10, Dark Power Pro 11 Cooler Master - MasterWatt Maker MiJ Corsair - AX1200/1500/1600i Seasonic - PRIME Thermaltake - Toughpower iRGB Plus Tier A Aerocool - Project 7 Be Quiet! - Straight Power 11 Bitfenix - Whisper, Formula Gold Cooler Master - V-series (modular, not to be confused with the VSM), MasterWatt Maker Corsair - AX, AX760/860i, HX (2017), HXi, RMi, RMx, SF, Vengeance, TX (2017) Enermax - Platimax, Platimax Digifanless EVGA - G2, P2, T2, 1000G1, GS 850W+, PS FSP - Aurum PT, Hydro PTM GIGABYTE - AP850GM LEPA - G1600 Mistel - MX650 Riotoro - Enigma SAMA - Armor Platinum/Titanium SeaSonic - Focus Gold, Focus Plus Gold, Focus Plus Platinum, X, Platinum, Snow SIlent, non-PRIME Fanless Silverstone - Nightjar Super Flower - Leadex Gold/Platinum/Titanium, Leadex II Thermaltake - 1250D-T RGB, Toughpower Grand/RGB 1200W XFX - Pro Gold, Pro Black, XTS
  Tier B Antec - EDGE, TruePower Classic be Quiet! - Pure Power 10 400W+, Pure Power 11 Cooler Master - VSM-series (semi-modular) Corsair - Most RM variants, HX (old), CX grey (450W only has one PCIE) Enermax - Digifanless, RG, GX EVGA - G1+, GQ, G3, B2, 550W and 650W GS Fractal Design - Edison M, Tesla R2 650W/1000W, Newton R3 FSP - Hydro G, Dagger SFX Gigabyte - XP1200M Kolink - Continuum NZXT - Hale82 N higher-wattage versions Rosewill - Quark, Fortress, Capstone Seasonic - S12G, G-series/SSRM, M12II 750W/850W Super Flower - Golden Green, Leadex Silver Thermaltake - Toughpower Grand/RGB, Toughpower Grand Platinum, Toughpower DPS Platinum XFX -  Pro XXX, XTR, TS Gold Tier C be Quiet! - Straight Power E10 Bitfenix - Fury  Corsair - 2017 "Grey unit" CXM***, CSM, some RM variants Cougar - GX-S Deepcool - DQ-ST Enermax -  Enermax Revolution SFX 650W*** EVGA -  BQ 750W and up, B3 Fractal Design - Tesla R2, Integra M FSP - Hydro X, Aurum CM, Aurum Pro Lian Li - SFX-L LEPA - G600 NZXT - Hale82 N lower-wattage units OCZ - ZX PC Power & Cooling - Silencer Mk III, Turbo Cool Riotoro - Onyx Rosewill - Lightning, Silent Night, Tachyon, Photon SAMA - Armor Gold Silverstone - Gold Evolution, Strider Gold, SX650/700/800 SFX, Strider Titanium Super Flower - Platinum King Thermaltake - DPS Gold/RGB, London, BlueEvo 2.0, Smart Pro RGB, Smart series >= 750W Vivo - 24K 650W XFX - Core > 650W, ProSeries Bronze >650W, TS Bronze >650W Zalman - EBT Tier D Antec - EarthWatts/EA Green, Earthwatts Platinum, High Current Gamer, NEO ECO*** be Quiet! - Power Zone, Pure Power L9, Straight Power E9, Pure Power L8 Cooler Master - GM, GX Storm, MasterWatt Lite Corsair - Old CXM "Green unit" variants, Rev. 3 "Green unit" variants, GS-series Cougar - LX Enermax - Revolution X't EVGA - BQ under 750W, NEX Gold Fractal Design - Tesla R2 500W Inwin - Classic Series Rosewill - Capstone G Seasonic - SS, SSP, S12II/M12II, ECO 430W Silverstone - Strider Plus, Gold SFX Thermaltake - Toughpower Gold, Paris Tier E Antec - Basiq VP-F, Basiq BP be Quiet! - Pure Power 10 350W Corsair - Rev. 2 CX "Green unit" variants, VS "grey units" Enermax - NaXn 82+ EVGA - 450B/500B/600B/700B, NEX-B OCZ - ZT, ModXStream Rosewill - Glacier Silverstone - Bronze SFX XFX - XT Tier F Antec - Basiq VP Bitfenix - BPA Cooler Master - B2 Corsair - VS "orange units" EVGA - 430W/500W/600W 80 PLUS units FSP - Raider Silver Fractal Design - Integra R2 LEPA - MX-F1 NZXT - Hale82 V2 OCZ - Fatal1ty Rosewill - Hive, ARC (M) Silverstone - Strider Essential Thermaltake - LitePower, ToughPower, Smart series < 750W Zalman - GS/GT Tier G Cooler Master - Elite series EVGA - 400W non-80 PLUS certified FSP - Hexa Thermaltake - TR2 These are literally garbage