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Trueflow commercial printing software help!

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Probably a little too specific for most folks but I've hit a dead end.

Hi folks, I'm an IT tech and we work next door to a commercial printers who are running into more and more problems with their ageing HP Proliant ML150 G2 server running Server 2003 with software called Trueflow V4. This software was made by a company called Screen who stopped support for this software many years ago and according to them, was configured to the specific server and plate printing machine. This is the backbone of the business and when there is an issue with the server, they can't print. This has been happening more and more times of recent. 

They want some sort of backup of the system so if this dies, we can fire up a secondary machine and operate uninterrupted with that. We bought a second identical system which proceeded to blow the PSU and mobo upon connecting it to power for the first time. 

The hard drive is connected via a RAID card and is using a U320 SCSI connector with only one drive. My first plan was to clone the drive onto a spare we purchased, but neither drive is picked up with any cloning software I can load up. This is one of the priorities, just to keep the data safe in case of HDD failure.


The company has all the installation disks and I'd love to start afresh on a newer machine with something like Windows 7, install the software onto that, but it appears it is only compatible with Server 2003. 


A new up to date set up with the latest software and hardware has been quoted at over £20,000 which is not feasible in their current position as a business.


Anyone with printing knowledge would be greatly appreciative of your help!

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