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random game crash for literally no reason (overwatch)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hey so i use to have t hese problems on my gaming laptop where the game would just randomly shut down for absolutely nothing i did. it turned out the motherboard had to be fixed. The problem was every 5 minutes games would just crash, no message or anything. the same thing is happening again  (like 6 months later), except it only crashes like once a day. I lost 50 sr in comp, and since im a 4200 player that really does suck. 

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Well it's crashing for a reason, what that reason is could be anyone's guess.   


Is this the same laptop that is had the motherboard previously replaced?  Perhaps it's a another bad board...  What are temps like?  Maybe something is getting too hot.  Troubleshooting a laptop is a little more difficult as hardware can't easily be swapped out.  First thing would be to try and determine if this is a hardware or software issue. 


What error does windows event viewer show at time of crash?   Check under both application and system to see if that gives you any hints.    I would probably start with a fresh install if Windows + the game that's crashing and see if issue continues.

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