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Microsoft is running a reward scheme for using their services

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24 minutes ago, Lady Fitzgerald said:

It's pretty sad when a company has to resort to what is essentially bribery to get people to use their services.

Or you can see it as Microsoft sharing part of its revenue from it from the money they make on you, unlike its competitor.

Bing and Google search engine are actually not far off in term of concept. They both rely on what user clicks based on search query to know better matches from a selection of what it thinks are great matches. So the more people uses Bing, the better you'll see results. This is also why,back several years ago, Microsoft made a complain to show which is better: Bing VS Google, and if you search stuff that is mostly searched for, both would give similar results, or Bing will be potentially better. But if you search stuff that you have few to no Bing users, say: some specific programming algorithm or API from some library, Bing would land on its face.




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13 hours ago, GoodBytes said:

Oh yea, its been while.I know it is available in the US and Canada,not sure about other regions.

You get points for doing stuff,including using Bing (has a limit), and you can get gift cards, or use points to win a lottery for stuff like XBox Store gift card, XBox Ones, computers, and such.


If you have a Microsoft account, you are ready to earn points (maybe you already have some without you knowing).



Not that I'm in Canada, but apparently Microsoft don't think it's available in Canada...



Microsoft Rewards is not available in this country or region.

Sorry, Microsoft Rewards is currently only available in the US, UK and Australia.


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16 hours ago, iamsuperfro said:


the problem with the points scam is you never know how many points gets you what, and they track you to profit from you.

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16 hours ago, FPSwithaWacomTablet said:

When did Windows turn into an RPG?

When it became an anime...;)



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I know it's been said like 5 times already, but this is years old. I only use Bing for image searches, and I barely use it while signed into my Microsoft account. Been using DuckDuckGo happily for over 3 years.

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