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Asus VivoBook 17 Pro - How well can it game and can it do 4K video

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Posted · Original PosterOP



The link above is to the laptop I am thinking of buying. I was referred to this model of computer by a friend who touted its easy upgradability as one of the best points of this laptop judging by the specs alone and the price.

However I am leery of buying it because of one thing. The thing that has kept me from buying a gaming laptop for years since my father and I split the cost for a Gateway P-7811FX: The graphics chip.


I have looked on video card benchmark and it seems to only have about 30% of the power of a GTX 1080 desktop card. That said: I am not planning on doing gaming above 1080p (for a laptop I believe that 1080p is good enough since the screens are a maximum of 17 inches unless you get into uber-laptops).

I am interested in specifically having a laptop that can play Assassin's Creed Odyssey in 1080p with a minimum of 50fps (any lower and I notice the stuttering).


Will the graphics chip be able to handle this and if so will I have to turn off all the 'bling' in the game in order to get those minimum FPS?


I also have some 4K videos that I would like to watch which my Gateway (big surprise) just cannot handle and even my newer Acer bargain bin laptop cannot handle even with the improvements to the chips since the P-7811FX came out. Will this graphics chip be able to handle that?


Thank you to anyone who responds to this and a big thank you to LinusTechTips for having this awesome forum. I have already had it pull my rear out of the fire numerous times.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I was thinking of buying an external 4K monitor for playback of the videos in question.

Thank you for the response, ItsTheDuckAgain.

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if you are going to buy an extra 4k monitor why not spend the extra money and get a laptop with a 4k screen directly?

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