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Need advice on budget build

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Due to some health issues and well other issues i have been forced to try and build a PC cheap but i'd also like to play Star Citizen...reliably.


I have acquired a few pieces from people to help me along, but i am not sure how to proceed forward.


I have an Asus P9X79 WS motherboard,

two Nvidia N560GTX graphics cards (one works i was told one might not),

a nice case with a water cooled system built for the board i'm told,

and a power supply that has a gold rating but i do not know the name but i was told its able to handle whatever would be put in that case with that motherboard and graphics cards.


What i am here mainly asking is whats the best processor for that board for gaming and school (solid works will be the most intense software i believe) and whats the place for likely the best price.

and whats the best Ram to get and also again best price?


Any information i can get that will help in this endeavor will be greatly appreciated.

As far as my actual budget right at this moment its sadly zero. I am looking for and idea of the goal i have to set for myself or is this going to be completely unrealistic.

If there is any additional information i can offer on the parts i have ill do my best to answer.


thank you,

I'm new to Linus Tech Tips, but when i saw the first review on YouTube i was hooked. I am also a fan of Louis Rossmann.

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To clear things up for others, the n650 is a MSI GTX 650.

Mobo is a LGA2011 X79 platform


for OP, could you possibly check if the PSU shows and labels on how much WATT it puts out?

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Get a used e5 2670 v2 on ebay, i'd sell the 560s and use the money for a HD 7970/gtx 680 or similar gpu.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700@3.8Ghz Heatsink: Gelid Phantom Black GPU: Sapphire RX 5700 XT RAM: Qidian DDR4 2x8GB 3000Mhz mobo: Biostar X370GT7 case: Fractal Design Define C PSU: Superflower Leadex Gold 650W


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