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Can't access home PC while VPN client is being used.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I use NordVPN on my server and would like to access my applications from outside the network, but I'm not able to when NordVPN is in use.  If the VPN is disabled, I can access everything without issue using my No-Ip host name.  No-Ip does update to the IP given by NordVPN, but I still can't connect for whatever you reason.  Any solutions?

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Do you have a split tunnel option in your client?  You would want to exclude your local network.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I don't think the app has the option to do so.  I was searching trying to find that puts but didn't find anything.  Is there any way I can add another network card to my system for the purpose of accessing my stuff at home while still having all other data go through the primary nic and the VPN?

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NO-IP is a DDNS service and if you are able to access your things by using your hostname means that you have used port forwarding or have some UPNP service on.


When you connect to a VPN you have to pass your clients through it as well. A simply test that you can do is manually add a static route to your LAN network.


E.g Client IP from VPN , your home LAN network:


If you are using Windows you can connect to your VPN, run CMD as Administrator, run this command: "route add MASK Note the gateway is the IP of your local VPN server

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