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Intel 9th Gen Paid Benchmarks Take Advantage of NDA Periods

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On 10/13/2018 at 4:12 PM, Stefan Payne said:

No, we do not know the scaling as it is never perfect and the 30% is only the theoretical increase due to increased core counts. You (almost) never see that in real life.

We do not  know if the internal connection for the cores is as efficient as it is with the previos ones.

We do not know how much the memory bandwith is limiting.

We do not know if there are other things that might (or might not) limit the performance.


Its just too soon to take even educated guesses as the architecture is not known, do they have a crossbar for the cores? Do they have a Ringbus? Or do they do the same thing that AMD did with Ryzen and make a cluster of 4 cores? 


And the most important thing:
How much did the power consumption change? How much can we expect with commercial available, useful software??


Because Amdahl's Law is a bitch and its better to wait and see for yourself when the product is finished and not speculate, even if the architecture seems to be the same. Because the performance of the Uncore is equally as important as the cores itself...

While it is highly likely that they still might be using the Ringbus but that also might increase the latency of that between the furthest cores, so loose performance.


And that is what you've also seen in the PT Documents, that the 8700K can be faster in some high framerate situations because of this higher latency.

So obligatory "I told you so", it came as no surprise that 9900k is roughly 30% faster that 8700k in multithreaded workload because everything under the hood is exactly the same as 8700k, just with moar cores.

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5 hours ago, Carclis said:

whole point

Sure multi-billion dollar companies can have their follies, but in the end one could only assume they do things for one reason or another trying to hide some aspect of their product while shining a bright light on the good aspects.

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