Good evening Yeetaronos and Yeetaronas,   I have just been assigned to start my MYP project, and I was wondering if this spamtastic forum could critique my ideas, and provide their own. Here is a list of general topics that I found:   My Ideas:   E-Commerce Website: Create a website that makes it easy to trade goods and services between high school students, such as some tutoring for a candy bar, or a soda for a 5 DOLLAR FOOTLONG(im sorry). E-Commerce Website: Website selling unlimited backup space (up to 75gb/day so linus doesn't kill it) built to keep devices backed up, and during recurring backups on a device, a program detects only changes programs, and only uploads those, to preserve daily bandwidth. This probably doesn't make since how it will work, but trust me, I've got it figured out. Please tell me if my ideas are good, bad(and why), and any other ideas.   Thank you!   From, That Linguini boi that likes to sh*tpost