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PrimeCables 27in 144hz Freesync

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i'm wondering if anyone has found any reviews or knows anything more on this panel. I'm interested in a 27in 144hz and this seems like a pretty decent deal for something like that im only running a GTX 970 so dont mind that its still only 1080P



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Looks like some rebranded korean monitor, I'd probably just not bother and get something from someone more reputable.


However, I have no idea who Prime Cables are, They could be better than anything for all I know.

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agree, looks like a rebrand. the thing about monitors is that its a pretty difficult market to make comparisons in. I believe that it is 1080p and 144hz but thats about it. 1ms response, brightness nit etc is pretty much just blatantly lied about now in the industry.  good colours reproduction and low backlight bleed and a million other things are important for making the overall finished picture look good and its really difficult to know if its a good panel without reading some reviews of it.


So i guess all im saying is that yes while it might be a great deal, the quality probably isn't directly comparable to other 27" 144hz monitors because its difficult to compare. 


BUT if this fits your budget then theres nothing wrong with that, the cheap korean panels flooding the market in canada since our trade deal are pretty good bang for the buck. 

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I wouldn't buy a 1080p 27" monitor. Too pixely.

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