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Is this true?

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do not believe your instructor, I have heard this before. While this maybe true from a business perspective, outsourcing can cost less than local programmer. You have a skill that outsourcing does not have. You have knowledge that far surpasses what any programmer may know. The skills you posses are your culture and social experiences. The people that live in the area that you grew up in have similar cultural and social experiences that you can relate to. If you decide to work in the same area you lived in, as a programmer you will have the upper hand. These cultural and social experiences are independent to any location, and attempting to translate these experiences to written or spoken language to an outsider is infinitely more difficult than telling someone who grew up in the same area.


here is an example that may help understand what I mean


Take a carbonated soda beverage, coke, pepsi, 7up, mountain dew, etc.


some different locations through out the United States of America will ask you the same question in different ways.


Do you want a coke?


Care for a pop?


Want a soda?


What do you want to drink?


These previous questions all asking the same thing, what carbonated soda drink do you want?


hopefully this or others comments have helped you





Hi guys!



I have a teacher on my school that says that learning how to program is a waste of my time because all the stuff is made in India and China (His words not mine!)

He is really ignorant and doesn't know shit about technologie although he teatches it... I had to correct him several times but this question got me wondering.


I've put allot of time and money in to buying books and taking lessons but it would suck if it was just a waste.. 



I don't think this is true and that there is a big demand for programmers now and even more in the future. But also more and more people are learning how to program.. 




What do you think?

bool isTeacherCorrect = false;

Use the quote or multiquote, for faster responses \/ \/

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Oh Gosh..!! This is the real sh*t that I have ever heard


Being the teacher myself for IT, I would recommend a hard slap on that person's face

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Oh Gosh..!! This is the real sh*t that I have ever heard


Being the teacher myself for IT, I would recommend a hard slap on that person's face

I can tell you that in another lesson i had from him i almost slapped him :P But that doesn't matter! 


Why are you a teacher because it doesn't get payed that well and you have annoying kids all around you.

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He is 100% wrong, I'm in Ireland which is in a recession, there are no jobs for anyone else but there is always a constant demand for software developers and technology based jobs. Amazon, Google, eBay and many many more tech companies all have bases here and are always looking for new developers.


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In my experience(I'm a software developer working in the midwest US), every company I have worked for that attempted to get India to write their code wasted a lot of money in the end.  The code we got back from India was atrocious.  We spent more time fixing their junk than it would have taken us to write it all from scratch.


This has happened on multiple projects I've worked on.  Send the specs, get back junk, work with them for months trying to straighten it out, eventually we end up fixing it ourselves.


Programming is definitely worth learning.  Anything to do with computers is worth learning in this day and age.

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