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Looking for upgrade from SteelSeries Siberia V2

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So after 4 years my SteelSeries Siberia V2 broke (volume control and one side doesn't work). For me actually siberia had great sound maybe is just me who never had expensive headphones, now I'm looking for new ones, I always wanted to have wireless but I guess if I want good sound I have to buy wired ones, and I'm thinking about amplifier ( FiiO E10K USB DAC) actually don't know which one, don't know anything about them. Now I'm looking at Beyerdynamic. Any suggestion? Best combos? I will be using them only in home, music, casual gaming, watching streams. And I like bass.

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That marketing hype Craperia likely has completely overstrong bass, which with closed design buries other sounds to sea bottom.

So any neutral bass headphones are certainly out of question and would be feeling like listening tin can in comparison.


Do you have noisy environment or quiet environment?

Open headphones basically leak environment's noises through unmuffled and you'll hear them normally when not listening anything.

But they also isolate less heat, which good for comfort in long sessions.

Closed DT770 would certainly qualify for strong bass, up to harmfull amount for distinguishing details in gaming. (to which it otherwise should be good)

Same priced open DT990 Pro would be good for "balanced" fun gaming with good above neutral bass.


As good thing about Beyer is them selling basically every part as spare part for DIY repairs if something wears.

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