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Hosting 5TB stock footage downloads

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I'm staring my own stock footage personal web site and I just realize that the hosting cost is very hight:(

I'm planning to upload about 5-8tb of footage, at the moment it seems that DropBox is the lowest costs.

They charge $720 per year for unlimited.


Amazon is about $1600 per year.


Can you guys recommend a good hosting at a good price?

Please note, not sure how it will go with the stock footage website, not sure if it the sales  will cover the costs of the servers!


Thank you for your help





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I would personally look into storing your pictures to a NAS if possible. Should help you save on costs, and you'll have full control over your pictures.

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On 9/23/2018 at 11:00 AM, DeleteMyTrack said:

Thanks but not asking about storage at home! I need the storage online to be able to sale the downloads!

Check out AWS cloud storage prices. Also contact a local (or as close as you can) data centre and get pricing on colocating a server in their racks. Then just build a rackmount system w/ enough storage and drop it in place. The data centre might also simply rent you storage space on a vps, or even an entire physical server.

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This provider gets you unlimited storage for around 14 dollars..

I don't now what kind of platform you want to use to sell your pictures, but an options is to use a VPS and install the client front end on there.

There should be some way to connect to the cloud platform mentioned before?

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