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Set up HP ProLiant DL360 G7 8-Port for UNRAID or FREENAS

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I happened to come across an older HP ProLiant DL360 G7 8-Port that i picked up. Currently i am running Win 10 pro on it but i had to use 1 of the drive bays to put the os on. I have 2 3.46 GHz Hex-Core Intel Xeon Processor and 64 gigs of ram in it. It has a 1 x Smart Array P410i 512MB raid card in it. I have searched everywhere and have found nothing on putting Unraid or FreeNAS on this machine. I currently have 4 2 tb drives and will be expanding to 4 more. so i want to get the drive that has the OS out of the hop swap slot.


I plan on running at least 1 if not 2 windows 10 vm's. 1 for my camera server and 1 for my plex machine if plex doesn't run nicely by its self on these systems.  This system is just for speed of media i have a 16 tb WD NAS i use for long term storage / backups 


So I'm looking at both but not sure what to go with. 


Questions i have.

Setting up the drives do i need to set up the drives individually with the raid set up? or

to i just set them up as 1 big drive "Raid 0"?

it has a usb2 slot internal should i use that or the internal sd card slot?


Any help with this would be awesome.

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How about proxmox. Neither freenas or unraid are made for hardware raid and proxmox is much better for vms.


Id use the raid card to manage raid, you can make and expand arrays all in the linux program or in the bios menu. You can install the os on the main array or on a usb drive(id put it on the main array)

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38 minutes ago, TravisW said:

"Raid 0"



beyond that: i'm not sure of HP's purpose for both the SD card and the usb slot, but i suppose at least one of them is meant to be bootable, if not both. HP's documentation does (vaguely) suggest they're both intended to be used as bootable media.

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I'm guessing either the SD card slot or the USB or both are meant to be booted off of.


Wouldn't recommend RAID 0, as if you have one drive go bad, all your data is f**ked.

I recommend reading an article comparing the different RAID configurations and choose something that has redundancy.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i see everyone is freaked out by the raid 0 decison. i have a 16 tb NAS in a raid 5 that this server backs up to every night. So lets not worry about loosing data. i can redownload everything any time.

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