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R5 2600 runs at 2.8Ghz

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Hello, I have a ryzen 5 2600 with a stock cooler on a msi b450 tomahawk along with 16gb of gskill ripjaws 3200mhz memory. I build the thing 3 days ago. Initially I run some benchmarks without messing around with any hardware settings and it performed as a stock 2600 should proform run easily at 3400 core and boosted to a little over 3.7ghz. After that I enabled xmp profile 2 so my rams can run at 3200mhz and nor 2133. I am using msi afterburner to keep an eye on the number whike I game and I have noticed that none of the cores ever exceeds 2800mhz. I run cinebench and got an 970 (the first run was 1250) because the cores never went above 2.8 ghz. Single core suffered as well. I thought that maybe xmp was responsible so I disable it nothing changed. The thermals are OK, never exceeding 55c(how could they with that click..) and I have 4 fans on the case. What I found peculiar is that in the bios the frequency is set to 3.4ghz clock ration etc is set to auto. Power management is set to balanced (I haven't messed with advanced power management settings like processor max power state etc)  What could be causing this? 

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Try resetting the cmos. Maybe something weird happened in the bios. Also try updating the bios.

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