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TOXIC - First build

-buys limited edition CPU which only looks different in terms of the IHS- 

-rips it off and replaces it with a slab of copper- :P


Jokes aside, system looks good. Let us know how many days the Vue holds up.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

TOXIC Build Log

First custom waterloop build and haven't build a PC since around Haswell release. This is my upgrade from a razer blade stealth with a razer core running a 1070TI which I had planned to use in this build until it died on me during building

  • Lian-Li PS-O5SX , its an ITX case which is ideal for my desk as well as a nice "display case" with the glass window. After building it in I am less than eager to buy Lian-Li again. Front panel wires are cheap, and disappointed that premium cases arent going with sleeved cables or even a 90 degree usb3 connector. Metal is super soft easy to scratch, also had one or two case screws popping out if any reverse pressure is applied. Also the riser cable works but damn it is ugly, whoever decides to make a display case like this and then include ugly cables has a special place down under. Tight case to build watercooling loop but looks wise still happy with finished case.
  •  i7-8086K I could have gone with the 8700K, especially since I have minimal radiator space but I fell for the limited edition since this was going to be a special build for me. So far I love it, after delidding and custom IHS from Rockitcool, was fairly easy to overclock to 5.2/5.3 using a EK monoblock.


Delidding was completely new to me, but since I went with the vanity project using the 8086K I might as well get the most out of it.

The Rockitcool tool was simple as was cleaning up the chip, however I had problems mounting the new copper IHS on the chip, and couldn't seem to get a 

good connection initially and took a couple of tries to get it right. I used coollaboratories liquid ultra II for the liquid metal. 




This is the max stable overclock I have been able to get, but with idle in the high 30s and limited cooling in ITX case, I actually run in closer to 51.5-2 


  • Asus ROG Strix Z370-I Best ITX motherboard with 2 M.2 slots, built in wifi and bluetooth and aura, and just b etter looking than the Asrock and since case was going to be a display piece for me aesthetics counted.
  • -Corsair Dominator 16gb 3200MHz RAM prices are outrageous, and wouldn't use 32gb. I didn't like the RGB options available on others. Using the Corsair light kit, I can display the white LEDs and have them running at roughly 3400Mhz with 16 CAS and they do the job.
  • -Samsung 970 Pro (512gb) and Samsung 860 Evo (1Tb) two M.2 drives mainly to save space and enhance performance. the 512GB pro drive is my boot drive with Evo being additional space and steam drive. The Pro is mounted on the back and was running roughly 10 degrees hotter than evo so I got the EK M2 heatsink and Be Quiet 140MM Silent wings 3 blowing directly on it which has reduced the temps by roughly 9 degrees. So drives run at similar temps around 30 degrees idle. I did remove the one copper sticker which i know would void the warranty. (I am pondering adding a large HDD drive for files if needed)
  • -Zotac 1080Ti Mini, original plan was my old 1070ti from EVGA buy when it decided to crash on me I upgraded to the mini, giving me space to upgrade my waterpump to a EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 PWM Glass from a smaller DDC pump. A waterblock was harder to find, eventually I risked it with a Barrow waterblock from Amazon, that had very few reviews and I couldn't find any other info. With Stock cooling it had some thermal throttling, however under water those issues are gone. It can be temperamental when overclocking which I am unsure if it is just the silicon I received or if waterblock is not making good contact with VRM. I only have issues if I adjust voltage or power with MSI afterburner. Adjusting clock speed had no problems, and since i settled on my settings I haven't had a crash or issues.


  • -Corsair SF600 obviously needed a itx power supply and with few options and corsairs reputation you can't go wrong. Haven't had fan whine like some have complained about with the SF600, but then again the fan hardly ever turns on, and when it does not for long.

Peripherals and monitor i had from previous setup


  • Black Ice Nemesis 240GTS Radiator had better reviews than EK SE. Since I only had space for one 240 slim rad, I tried to find best performance and this seemed to be it from the reviews I read. 
  • EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 PWM Glass matching tubing and front panel, with top inlet and D5 reliability. Bitspower black fittings hate the logos, but clearly the most options for fitting types and good reliability record.
  •  Coolerguys Gentle Typhoon 120mm 2150rpm PWM Couldn't find the original scythe ones so went with coolerguys since its still the nidec gentle typhoon fans. It was this or Noctua, since they are hidden by rad I could have gone Noctua. I honestly don't think there would be much difference in performance so decided to be different and go with the gentle typhoons. So far I like my decision and barely notice the fans at 1200-1500rpm. At max its a jet engine, buy only set it that high when running synthetic benchmarks, and haven't had a need to boost them during gaming as of yet. 
  •  Mayhem 12mm Glass Tubing because glass... tried cheaper more available borosilicate glass and didn't go well. Battled to find availability at the time (now I see it everywhere). After spending the extra on mayhems cutting glass and assembly was relativley straight forward. However getting cuts right to the mm was almost impossible for me, then again first waterloop i would have probably complained about any tubing I used. 
  • Primochill Vue UV Green Yes I know the issues with Vue, I was willing to risk it for the pictures and won't be in system long, most likely changing to a pastel green. Again decision made as part of my vanity project.  
  • Barrow GPU Block as mentioned about I was sketched out by this block and lack of availability and reviews. Can pin down whether its the block or the card that gives me overclocking issues, but now any additional performance i may have been able to get out of it probably wouldn't have real world noticeable effects. 
  • EK-FB ASUS Z270I/Z370I Strix RGB Monoblock not much to say about this block. Easy to install, looks great and just works.

Custom psu cables from guys at Mod-One, with MDPC-X NV Carbon. One cablecomb snapped one the 24 pin as ?I was trying to position it and it does make my cable management look messy. This project took me ages but eventually ill order more sleeving for the few cables I ran out of sleeving for as well as a cablecomb to clean up the 24 pin cables. Besides that I cant speak highly enough for the job that they did on my cables. 


PCpartpicker URL: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/jz9J7P



CPU stats.PNG

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Posted · Best Answer

-buys limited edition CPU which only looks different in terms of the IHS- 

-rips it off and replaces it with a slab of copper- :P


Jokes aside, system looks good. Let us know how many days the Vue holds up.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 hour ago, For Science! said:

-buys limited edition CPU which only looks different in terms of the IHS- 

-rips it off and replaces it with a slab of copper- :P


Jokes aside, system looks good. Let us know how many days the Vue holds up.

My 8086k didn’t come in gold like Linus 😒.  Plus I have the box I can still admire lol. 


The VUE is not staying long. I ordered it after seeing Jaystwocents video and before seeing others results. Since I had it on hand I used it for pics. When my ordered dyes get in I will be changing it to a pastel green hopefully before it gets to the point I have to rip everything apart to clean the blocks.

1 hour ago, TechyBen said:

Like the case. :)

Thanks! Not the best case for a first build though, been working on this since early July 

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On 13/09/2018 at 1:37 PM, JamesC87 said:

My 8086k didn’t come in gold like Linus 😒.  Plus I have the box I can still admire 

i suppose you have the limited edition ihs to actually put of display now :) instead of being under the monoblock. that's another way of looking at it 

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