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Get a PENTAX K-1 Mark II or some different?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My local Foto Group just post this link and I use there search funktion: https://www.dpreview.com/products/search/cameras#criterias=SpecsCoreParams%2CSpecsEffectivePixels%2CSpecsMicrophonePort%2CSpecsGPS%2CSpecsDurabilitySearch%2CSpecsBatteryLife&paramSpecsCoreParamsBodyType=RangefinderStyleMirrorless%2CSLRStyleMirrorless%2CCompactSLR%2CMidSizeSLR%2CLargeSLR&paramSpecsEffectivePixelsMin=16&paramSpecsMicrophonePort=Yes&paramSpecsGPS=BuiltIn&paramSpecsDurabilitySearch=EnvironmentallySealed&paramSpecsBatteryLife=300
Wat I need is:
a) Watertide

b) GNSS Receiver inside

I will make Pictures and Videos onboard Trains and Buildings who mean I need a Wide-angle lens.

Big Accu for many Pictures and Videos. I never had an Cam before just my Nokia who was designs for make Pictures.


So get the Pentax https://www.ricoh-imaging.de/de/spiegelreflexkameras/group/6/body/overview/pentax-k-1-mark-II.html

I look Online Videos where People talked many thinks against the Cam like expensive lens, the pixle shift is crap (to there opinion) and bad for make Videos.

From AT. :x

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That Pentax body alone weights 1kg without even lens attached and standard zoom ads pretty much ½kg.

And with required image circle and design limitations from DSLR design very wide angle lenses need very complex optical structure and such lens weight basically 1kg.

So you would fast end up hauling multiple kilograms of stuff.

You sure you want to carry such bulk and weight?


Camera you don't want to carry with you doesn't take any pictures for long, before it ends up sitting in cupboard.

Even compact fixed lens digicams have mostly disappeared, because there's more effort in carrying them than smartphone.

And now you're basically looking into "stone sled" category camera in comparison to compact fixed lens digicams.


Also while your Nokia gives images/videos with lots of stuff in focus, bigger sensors have really lot smaller "Depth of Field".

Meaning they have lot smaller distance range in focus at once, like only few seat rows in train's passenger car.

And the bigger the sensor the smaller DOF, unless stopping down lens even more.

So most of that bulk/weight of big optics would easily end up as useless dead weight to drag around without actual use.



And while camera makers advertise weather proofing that doesn't always mean much.

Some makers take it more seriously, while for some it can mean leaky camera without any proper seals.

So while there are few Youtube vids with certain cameras being washed under faucet, overall it should be taken as "camera should survive some rain."

Actually IP rated to survive submerging in water cameras are few special models like Olympus Tough.


While about every phone has GPS, in cameras it's rare. (one reason likely being avoiding unnecessary power draw)

Anyway insides of trains and especially buildings aren't well working environment for GPS...

Though Olympus and Panasonic seem to have way to use smartphone for logging your location and then having that data send to camera.



That location tracking and time based syncing to tag photos should work better when GPS tracking is intermittent.

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On 9/12/2018 at 5:18 PM, Required said:

Wat I need is:

I'm a huge Pentax fan, but their cameras are hopelessly outclassed these days. Unless you have a large collection of pentax mount lenses already, it makes little sense to buy one when better options with more and cheaper lenses exist.

So rise up, all ye lost ones, as one, we'll claw the clouds

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Its equivalent to a nikon d810 probably, which I would definitely recommend over it. Can't you use an external GPS receiver or something for geotagging?

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