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what is good speed

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well the 5g is faster if that's what you wanted to know , neither is good but it's wireless so that's pretty much normal

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1 minute ago, Randomboyontheinternet said:

sorry for cringy mouse writing

No prob, it adds a dank spicy smell to the post. Those speeds are terrible tho. 


This would be considered great I guess. 10 Mbps download is like the minimum to watch 1080p videos on YouTube. 


Send help

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well it's pretty simple..


for download and upload -> higher is better.


for ping, jitter and packet loss -> lower is better.


5Ghz is usually faster than 2.4Ghz especially at close range, and before you go past any walls, after that 2.4Ghz tends to catch up and then offer better performance.

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What speed is your internet package?


2.4g is kind of low but not unexpected if you live in a dense environment (like lots of wifi neighboring networks)

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