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EA Under Criminal Investigation by Belgian Government

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If it all hinges on whether or not it's 'gambling' then my money is on EA. As long as money goes in and players never get money back out, it's just pay-to-win. They'll have to draft laws covering more nebulous anti 'addictive' elements in games that will be impossible to define and regulate to get rid of loot boxes. 



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On 11/09/2018 at 10:28 PM, duncannah said:

What stops EA from just not publishing games to Belgium?

Belgium are part of a single market in the EU/EEA.


If they tried that. Good bye EA from Europe's 300 million plus citizens.

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On 12/09/2018 at 12:20 AM, emosun said:

All this loot box/gambling/pay to win/unfinished game/dlc crap is why I stopped playing video games.

I'm sorry is there supposed to be some fun here somewhere? am i suppose to be having fun while i sit at my slot machine computer pumping nickles into it while smoking a cigarette , becuase that what it looks and feels like

Or you could play indie games, which are safe ... for now ..

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Honestly hope they win, this lootbox controvisy wen't to far already, and yes they did go to far with lootboxes EA especially been to greedy but to get rid of lootboxes just because of it and call it gambling is complete BS, you don't want lootboxes fine then don't buy them, don't tell me what i can or cannot buy, it's not like i am forcing you to go vegan, so why would you force me to not buy lootboxes.

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On 9/11/2018 at 11:16 PM, Slottr said:

I understand why they are fighting the Belgian Government, but can not see their denial to blatant gambling coming across as a win in any court with these laws.

The costs of this trial will be nothing compared to the money they could make by keeping paid loot boxes; if they lose, they won't be any worse off. If they WIN, on the other hand, this would set the ultimate precedent for loot boxes not being gambling and from there they could pull off virtually anything. Unlikely as it may be, it's worth a shot from their perspective.

...is there a question here? 🤔

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Lets assume that you can get a loot box which you can open for free just from playing the game (you cant buy the loot box with real money). Opening it gets you a random loot and since you are unable to spend a real money on it... is it still gambling or where do you draw the line?

Because I dont see any difference when killing a mob in Diablo and getting a random loot from it as well. Farming items in MMORPGs is not any different compared to opening a free lootbox imo.

Both can be addicting and chore to get hold off but once is generaly considered a gambling, the other is "farming". So now how is gambling any different from farming?

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I am going to say something unpopular first. EA gave us some really good games through years. And then a new management arrived and screwed up massively (at least for end consumers).


This new management has only one mission and it is to maximize profits for them and their stock holders by any means necessary while neglecting anything else. The rule of thumb is if management makes profit, they will stay at their position as it is the interest of stock holders to maximize their profits. That is the rule of the market. Current management don't give a sh*t about fans of EA owned franchises and they will make and sell a product which takes the least amount of investment for maximum ROI. Like that "Command & Conquer" mobile game. It is cheap to produce and it tries to sell nostalgia. In the end, I would like to add that EA considers their customers idiots which don't know what they want so they want to shove down the consumers' throats what they think "it is the best for consumers" (read what is the easiest money for EA).

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