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Hey Everyone,

After recently seeing Linus show the Sennheiser headphone stand, I decided to build my own, as I always just left them on the top of my monitor and didn't wanna shell out $ on it though, so I decided to make my own, so here it is :)


I quickly put together a model of it on sketchup.





So at this point it was time to get cracking! :D

I dug around under the house until I found some wood that would do me well :)

Quickly sketched an outline of the holder itself



Next I clamped it down and got ready saw.



Sadly I don't have a jigsaw or anything, so time to do it the old fashioned way! :D



Basic shape cut, but more work on the bottom needed



Its a bit rough, but it's good enough for now



Time to get sanding!



Ok, screw that, time to crack out the power tools :D (I didn't actually end up using a rotary, I found another that worked better)



Top sanded!



Headphone test fit: Perfect



All the sanding done - for now!



It isn't quite perfectly even, but I think that I will survive :)

Next step is to make the mount...


Tell me what you think :D

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I just leave mine on the side of my desk

------------------------------------------------------I HAZ SHINY----------------------------------------------------------

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i just put my headphones on top of my screen LOL


it's a good job though, i like it :)

"Sulit" (adj.) something that is worth it

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i just put my headphones on top of my screen LOL


it's a good job though, i like it :)


Same here haha.

I just hang my headphones over my monitor.

But very nice indeed :D Laquer it up and it'll look really nice :)


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