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Streaming on ps4 with el gato.....

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello!! So im streaming on my ps4 using el gato. Everything is fine. My question is is there a way i can use push to talk on a console?? I want to reduce all the noise in the background since im in the living room of my apartment. Thank you 

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If you're streaming using an Elgato device, does that mean you are capturing on your PC and using OBS/Xsplit to stream to twitch/Youtube/whatever? If so, your program should have options to mute/unmute your mic, as for PS4, I'm not sure, I heard they added a PTT option but I can't find it in the settings.


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Posted · Original PosterOP
37 minutes ago, royalba94 said:

Streaming direct from the PS4 or via a computer? If computer which software?

Im streaming using a computer with the el gato software. 

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Looks like there is a hotkey for enabling/disabling the Live commentary (CTRL+L) as well as one for mute/unmute (CTRL+M) so most likely you'd be able to set up a Macro for that.


If you have an android phone (even just an extra with wifi) there is a cool and free software called DeckBoard that you can setup macros in - a lot like the Stream Deck


Another good and free tool is VoiceMeeter Banana which you can set a noise gate and other stuff for your mic input (before it goes to the elgato software) which will help with the background noise as well (and you can set the Push-to-talk in it)


If you need links to setup vids on them or have questions I should be able to at least point you in the right direction if not answer myself :)

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