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intermittent Black Screen

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've had a black screen issue for about 4 months now. It is consistent in that it happens more frequently when im playing games,but it is not only when i play games. The game will drasticly drop framerate as if cpu load was maxed 10-15fps then will freese with picture durring this time I will still be able to hear sound including discord, then finally black scrren no sound monitors on but black with computer still running and will continue to run until hard reset. Sometimes willnot black screen will just freese with audio.

All temps seem consistently normal and i have plenty of airflow over motherboard.

I have tried a few things :


ran 1 gpu at a time

Updated bios

Reset bios

Replaced PSU

Taken /:C Out of raid

reinstalled windows

Tested all Ram Sticks individually

cheked CPU socket for bent pins/damage




4820k Base clock

x2 gtx 1080 hydro copper WC

16GB ddr3 corsair vengence ram

Asus Rampage Black IV

evga 1000w gold psu


2 2tb segate barracuda running raid 0

1 samsung 850 pro 128gb

1 samsung 850 pro 128gb

1 4tb WD black 


Edit: added psu


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