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Setting up a file server

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I'm planning to create a file server for cheap so I can access files and media on my network and remotely. Using a raspberry pi seems a great option as it doesn't cost much and it doesn't draw a lot of power. Which software should I use? Plex is great for media, but what about files? 

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Set up a samba server if you have Windows computers. Also consider an external USB hard drive for your Pi, you can only put SD cards up to 32GB.


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I'd buy an old core 2 duo for $50 before a pi to use as a NAS. They really don't draw much power, have enough horsepower for a file server, and all over ebay/CL. You also can mount the disks instead of using USB (add more later etc..).


If you have the spare scratch (~$100-$150) you can buy a 2 bay synology off ebay, 4 if you look hard enough. However neither the pi nor the synology for that price range will run plex very well. Core 2 duo has a better shot (single 1080p streams would be fine).

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