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Windows Won't Boot, Considering to replace it with Linux

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So my Lenovo Ideapad 310 won't boot to windows, I tried resetting using the OS's own Reset PC feature but the process fails all the time with no explanation why. I suspect this all started when I switch the laptop off after it hanged. The only reason I'm able to type this is from a live session of Ubuntu Linux. The Windows OS came with the Laptop when I bought it and I'm thinking of just erasing the whole hard drive and installing linux instead but I don't want to lose the OS since it's a licensed OS and it would be a waste to just erase it and I might have to come back to install it some time in the future. I did however, manage to snap a picture of the pre-installed OS license from the BIOS, along with UUID and Key ID. The license Key is only 10 characters long and comparing it to a googled Windows 10 CD key, it's too short so I'm not sure if this is the correct key. Can I just download a copy of windows 10 and use this shorter key instead or do I need the original CD the manufacturer used so the License key and disc will match?


Also, if I replace the OS completely, will this ruin my laptop's ability to boot? I don't know much about UEFI but the laptop has a setting in the bios to switch UEFI to legacy. I've heard that UEFI prevents installation of other OSes other than windows. So I'm not sure how those things are going to affect each other.


So my options are:

  1. Erase entire hard drive and replace windows with linux at the risk of losing the licensed windows.
  2. Dual boot ubuntu and the unbootable windows 10 at the risk of having boot problems.
  3. Erase the preinstalled windows and install a fresh copy using the CD I used on my desktop build. But this means I'll be using the same license as the desktop and I'm sure there's going to be a problem somewhere down the line and potential boot problems, I think.

Note: I'm sure the hard drive still works since I was able to copy my data to an external usb hard drive via Ubuntu live session. And which OS is better for web development as that is the type of work I do with my laptop?

My system: CPU: Intel i5 6500; Mobo: H110M-k; GPU: Nvidia GT 730; Memory: 16 GB; HDD: 2x 1TB HDD;

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If you reinstall windows in the future it will re activate casue the key is built into the bios. You won't lose the key wiping the os.


Installing linux won't hur tthe system. You may need to run off secure boot in the bios.


Check the hdd smart data, could have some issues.


There is no windows linence on the disk or usb, so it won't use the copy from your desktop


Id go 1 here if you want linux.



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Posted · Original PosterOP
14 hours ago, hotbrass said:

Where exactly in the bios is the windows key?

It's displayed in one of the BIOS tab pages. I already tried to dual boot with windows and it turns out I can't license my Windows because the OS license is for a Windows Home Single Language version and I tried downloading a copy from windows website, turns out they don't have it posted anymore. I tried the Linux way to circumvent the site to show other ISO versions too and no luck. I'm stuck with an unlicensed windows. I feel like I should demand a refund.

My system: CPU: Intel i5 6500; Mobo: H110M-k; GPU: Nvidia GT 730; Memory: 16 GB; HDD: 2x 1TB HDD;

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