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Waiting for cyber monday?

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This may be the wrong catagory to put this post in (sorry if it is), but I was just wondering, is Cyber Monday actually good for PC part reductions, or is it not worth waiting for (I'm currently wondering whether I should delay a build until cyber monday or black friday or not...)

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I've not seen any worthwhile deals on components you'd actually buy. Usually at most a $10 discount or something to that effect.

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i agree with @2FA nothing super standout. you will find equivalent or better deals by looking at daily or weekly sales on newegg, amazon etc

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The profit margin on computer parts is low enough as it is, some parts would certainly be cheaper on CyberMonday, but it won't be anything crazy like a Ryzen 2700x for $100 off. At most, like @2FA has said, you'd be looking at $10~$20.
But, if a new generation of a certain component comes out, we could certainly see a big drop in price on black friday/cyber monday, like on "last gen" GPUs for when the RTX2080 comes out, just to clear out their remaining stocks.

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You usually better off using price tracking sites with price history.

Actually, some of the stuff I'm tracking actually had their lowest prices no where near the holidays at all.

Another way is to find out when places try to clear out before inventory time (this when a store has a 3rd party come in to do inventory to check against their database and see how much money is on their selves).  Most of the time stores will do heavy mark downs before the inventory kicks in.

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the first Cyber Monday may have been decent, but nowadays the weekly sales are the same stuff you see in Cyber Monday, hell they'll have a dozen different "black friday" sales throughout the year, not worth waiting for, just subscribe to the email deals and watch for items you want. Also if you have a Microcenter near you can usually get a decent deal on the CPU.

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