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Downloading Games at 10 GIGABIT?

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28 minutes ago, Larklen said:

@thedude4bides You pretty much got the main use for it! That's mentioned on the github as well that its primarily for LAN events and for popular games, yeah most people will have it. One spot where is can shine though is, say there is an unexpected game that any number of people want to play, normally everyone would then need to download it from the Internet, since they didn't expect to play it at the event. With this set up, once one person downloads it from the internet, everyone else immediately pulls from the cache, so anyone who wants it after the one person downloaded it can grab it at the cache speeds.


For events where many people may want to download a specific type of game it has one additional benefit of allowing all users to download simultaneously at max allowed speed w/o slowing down the initial download. The person who initiated the download will win the race to download completion but assuming they all did it within a short period of time they all could be playing the game within minutes of the first person to finish downloading it.

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Pretty cool, probably something I'd keep in mind if I needed to deploy to a LAN party or something.  I'm just a single user household with gigabit + unlimited bandwidth though so it wouldn't be worth the hassle to obtain 300MB/s vs. the 100MB/s I get already over the internet.  


It's also interesting to note that caching servers are how the internet works nowadays.  Youtube doesn't just have one datacenter in california, they have shitloads of datacenters that cache each other to act as local lower latency nodes for people trying to watch videos.   It also adds redundancy where if one server goes down you can just route all that traffic through another nearby one.

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Linus always love your videos but I believe you should've spelled it "Caching Server" in your graphics, not "cashing" (sic).  Good video beyond that.


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15 minutes ago, nightstah said:

Linus always love your videos but I believe you should've spelled it "Caching Server" in your graphics, not "cashing" (sic).  Good video beyond that.


Caching is the correct term. Cashing refers to money.

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14 hours ago, thedude4bides said:

Can someone help me understand this?  Or let me know if I'm understanding it correctly?


Basically download something (at normal speed) into your own storage so that you then can put in on a different local machine later on at a higher speed than you can download from source?


Cool to do... but really only useful for LAN parties where people do not already have the game that will be played at said LAN party which would be odd to begin with?



Yes its just a cache server, but the most transparent version.  The same type of concept has been used for web stuff for the longest time with stuff like squid web proxy servers, mostly at corporate campuses and such.

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Yes, please do a follow up, it would be great if you could do both a smaller version with a reasonable ARM board and an HDD (a few days ago I discovered the Marvell Espressobin, which looks very nice, there is also an odroid something... also hoping the hardware support is in a reasonable state) and something similar to this setup (maybe show numbers with 1 or 2 gigabit links). And show more of the boring but useful stuff... Windows update caching (leading to quicker updates, that is forced reboots... screw that, block them) and web content caching, then show how much bandwith can be saved in a period of a week or a month.

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On 8/20/2018 at 2:57 PM, andrii1812 said:

Also you can try docker-compose. Instead of launching each container from the text file you write yaml config once and then just fire: 


docker-compose up




Thank you! After initial setup I haven't ran my docker because I didn't feel like looking up the command's to run this again due to a restart.  I haven't had a need for it so I haven't bothered.  But this is what I'm going to do next time I boot it up.


Also, does anyone know if it's possible to prefetch updates like on WSUS?


And is this possible for world of tanks or other games?

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only if someone else that you share the steam cache with downloaded it before you do

Can Anybody Link A Virtual Machine while I go download some RAM?


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On 8/21/2018 at 10:46 AM, GumblesGrambles said:

Just share an entire steam library folder as a network share, the game files are generic, just copy straight over to your own, no cpu core limitations;)

not-so-much user friendly



youtube Naveen Techs

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On 8/21/2018 at 12:12 AM, Runtime said:

So I tried this in a Docker on Unraid but the max speed I can seem to download at is 35 MBps. More Commonly around 25 MBps. I installed it a bit differently than the guide. I installed using the Community Applications plugin and following the directions there. I am also running Hard Disks rather than Raid0 SSDs so I understand that I might not be able to saturate the gigabit connection but It seems like it should still be faster. 


I am running the following.


Unraid 6.5.3


16 GB 1600MHz DDR3 Memory

3  8TB Ironwolf Drives with 1 acting as parity.

1 128 GB SSD Corsair Force 3 or something I dont remember exactly.

Asus p8z77-v motherboard


Yeah, I set up the steam cache on my friends old gaming pc with 1 samsung ssd. It worked fine first, capping out the ssd at around 550 mbps.

But after a few restarts, it doesnt work. In fact now I download slower than my internet speed.... at 25-35 mbps. And sometimes it really craps itself and goes down to like 500 KBPS!


It's not the ssd that's full. There's over 200 gigs left!


Does any one know what could be wrong?

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yeah you can just download at 10 gigabit but your storage must be just as fast as you download speed but otherwise it dont care!






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Surprised at one benefit that wasn't mentioned in the video, this is also convenient for large families with shitty internet!  My parents and three younger brothers live with <1Mbps satellite internet out on a farm, and between them have 7 windows computers with updates and 3 steam accounts that frequently download the same games.  Having this cache available will be a godsend for the overall usability of their connection.

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