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1080 / 1070 ti 1080p monitor increased resolution?

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So i'm in the market for a new gpu, and since the RTX 2080 was announced i've noticed that there are a lot of used gtx 1080s and the price for a new one is dropping significantly. So im looking to buy a 1080, but im worried it would be overkill for my two 1080p 60Hz ultrawide monitors and I don't want screen tearing. So my question is, couldn't I just increase the resolution in game to say 1440p or a higher ultrawide monitor to make the image look smoother and to work my gpu harder? Or would the scaling be messed up

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The majority of new games allow to frame cap the gpu so the no more frames that what is needed will be used 


an example is overwatch.

as for scaling it depends on your monitor but since you do not need a 1080 i would suggest upgrading your monitor at 144hz and maybe go with a 1070 still capable of 144hz 

like this on https://www.amazon.com/Acer-XFA240-bmjdpr-Response-Technology/dp/B06ZYHZ6R6/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1534700057&sr=1-3&keywords=144hz+monitor

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Or you could enable Nvidia's DSR and set a higher resolution in your games.


Open the Nvidia control panel got to 3D Settings / Manage 3D Settings / Global Settings and enable DSR by checking all the checkboxes that pop up if you click on the entry "DSR - Factors". The next time you boot up your game you can set a higher resolution.


Warning: It sometimes can mess up the position of your desktop icons.

If you find any grammar or spelling errors please fill out entry permit A38, thanks.

Greetings from germany

Profilepicture by Chibiterasu-chan

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