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World's First Ice Truck In Canada

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Posted · Original PosterOP

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That would either melt or prevent the car from starting...

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This is perhaps the most Canadian thing I've ever seen.


And for once they didn't steal their idea from a Norwegian :P

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YEAH! Canadian Tire is the bomb! Canada's gone mad with all this Winter stuff, what with all the snow, ice storms, Winter Classic... You'd have to be here to get it. :)

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I want one!

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Can you imagine how cool it is to drive that.

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Silly Canadians. 


From a fellow Canadian.

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Where I live, a few flurries are suspect cause for panic. GG Canada

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THis is so cool you guys have to check this out  :D


 Source : http://sploid.gizmodo.com/this-truck-is-made-of-ice-and-you-can-actually-drive-it-1492641964

Thats almost just as bad as the country bumpkins here in Florida LOL

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its pretty cool.

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That would either melt or prevent the car from starting...

They have a melt video on the CT website:http://www.canadiantire.ca/icetruck


But its pretty cool that they spent lots of effort in showing the battery's potential.

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I'd carry a bottle of whiskey and a glass to be my silver lining in the event of a crash and being then surrounded by ice cubes.

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