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LG Gram 13, Loud

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Hi there, so it is pretty basic. I just got the Lg Gram 13, with the i5-8250u. And out of the box, it is noticeably loud, and this is surprising. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to quiet the machine down since even sitting idle the fan is spinning and while web browsing the computer is anywhere from 75-80c which seem hotter than it should be any help is appreciated.


edit- it seems to be continually turboing up to 3.3ghz even at 20% utilization

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Make sure you have your windows power mode set to balanced. You can change this in Edit Power Plan. You should not be setting it to High Performance on modern hardware. If this isn't the problem then perhaps look for a BIOS update, look at the change log and see if there are any mentions of changes to power or fan profiles in the change logs.


I don't own an LG gram, but its quite a powerful computer with a large battery in a small size, its wont be silent. But I have no reference point having never used a gram.

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Undervolt or repaste. This is normal for KBL-R Ultrabooks so no need to worry

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