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Free Nas Super Server

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I want to build a free nas server that will, act as a plex server, a general storage server, a render node, and a place to run virtual machines accessible on my network. I was going to build this on an old Dell T610 but the raid controller won't read the larger 8tb drives, after some digging, it turns out the firmware on the raid card in that won't read past 2 tb, and there is no guarantee that even if you are able to update the firmware it would read the drives true capacity. Any suggestions for either older servers capable of achieving this or a solid build?

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If you want to run virtual machines id look at proxmox. You get the same zfs storage system with a much better vm system.


The 2tb limit is only for the perc 6i you can easily put a h200 in there.


A r510 should work well here if you want a rack, otherwise swap the raid card out for a hba.

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