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Unity 3D How to use Adam demo??

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I want to use character Sebastian from its character pack but I don't know how to!

Just like he is using in this video :- 

He is using character Lu as a normal character, I want to do the same with Sebastian,Lu and Adam but I don't know how to use it properly. Hope you understand what I am saying and trying to achive!! I also want to use these characters a Player character in my game, i.e I want to attach third person controller to it! I want to use them as simple Player character with all their goodness/their realistic effects! 

Please Help! 

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You don’t have to bump every hour lol. 


Just dkwnload yhd Adam asset pack from the asset store, 

setup the rig to be the kind you want for the animations you’re using and then use an animation controller linking the animations you want for each animation state and write the code to play the animations by accessing the animation controller. 

LTT Fan Fiction:


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