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Need a little help

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So I was browsing for a pre built system and found one on Best buy, A10-9700 with RX 560 2Gb, 8Gb Ram. I want a pre built because I don't really have the time to wait for parts to arrive since I have a decent amount of multitasking to do. I currently have a system thats an A10-9600P (laptop) that isn't really doing what I need to do. It's on a really good deal, cause I'm on a tight budget. It was originally $600 USD, now $395.


Will it be able to do things like play games and stream at 1600x900, cause the monitors I have are baller, as well as be able to have CAD and maybe Adobe Photoshop open at the same time? I've looked all over the wild internet and haven't found much. 


Any and all help is appreciated!

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You can use the laptop and wait for the parts and then build it. But and rx 5y0 can do decent amount of performance, I haven’t used cad on my main rig or adobe photoshop. I would try and get one with a slightly better cpu in it.

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I would go for Ryzen APU. Old AMD APUs are trash for me

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