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What would be best programming language for me

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Posted · Original PosterOP
I know there isn't best programming language, but I would like to learn one. I already know little C and Java (learning C for 1 months in school (we will be learning it only this year), but I learned about same amount Java I learned in two days). I plan on using it to create games (just for fun), mods, small programms and something I can earn some money with. I will also need it later in life for engineering purposes (I've been told). I also wanted to add that I will be finishing my high school in 2,5 years, and I have about 3 hours free time for programing every day (5-6 during holidays). And what would be good place to learn this language?

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if your going well with C you may as well continue you can do alot with it

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Continue with C and java. Then add in this order: python, html, javascript, C++, and C#

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Don't focus on the language, focus on the programming concepts. The only thing languages do is change the syntax for many common concepts.


That said, python is a great language to learn most programming concepts. C is also good for lower-level stuff. Java documentation is the best I've ever read for learning Object-Oriented programming.

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