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Pinned Security Bulletins thread in Tech News

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Pretty simple, a thread for posting security warnings and ways to protect yourself from them. Stuff that's not really worth of a new thread (like Spectre variant #55433398831) could go here, and stuff worth a full thread (like https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/957729-facebook-attempted-to-shut-down-a-tool-that-allows-you-to-inspect-their-data-tracking/)


could get it's own thread AND go here.

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I approve. 

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i don't know if this it the right place for publishing guides on how to protect against XYZ. The first step is understanding the vulnerability which can be difficult. Just look at spectre side channel attacks and it's complexity. 


Btw. most times the answer will be install the update

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The problem with this is that it couldn't be entirely managed by staff, so it would have to be an open topic, and open topics tend not to be great for bulletins where you want every post to be just describing the vulnerability and following a fixed format. It's a sensible idea though.

I don't work for Floatplane Media, so any Floatplane comments that I make are my own and may be incorrect or in conflict with the official view.


For Floatplane support, please use the wizard linked in this topic

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