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Does my m.2 need a fan?

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I have my Samsung 960 evo on the second m.2 slot right above my graphics card, it doesn’t have a heat sync but I am wondering if I need a fan for it will it be damaged or damage my mother board if I don’t? Also my case has quite a bit of airflow it is a next s340 elite 

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I have a Wd m.2 ssd with no fan thats roasting under a 980ti that regularly hits mid 70's and sometimes 80c I haven't had any issues with the ssd so far. so yours being above the gpu I don't think the heat will hurt it~

I have saw motherboards with fans for them, but I don't think they are needed 

Server Rig Specs~
Motherboard: S5520hc Cpu's: two Xeon x5670's @3.3 ghz  Ram: Kingston ddr3 24gigs @1333mhz Psu: Evga Gq1000 Coolers: 2 hyper 212evo Hdd: 2 1tb hdd's Case: Corsair 400c
Os: windows 10 Pro

Gaming Pc Specs~
Motherboard: Asus rog maxumis viii gene Cpu: Skylake i7 6700k @ 4.2ghz Ram: Corsair dominator platinum 32gigs @ 2666mhz Psu: Corsair 1200i Cooler: Corsair 105i Hdd: 5tb wd black Case: Corsair 350d Os: Windows 10 home



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You shouldn't need any active cooling as long as it's passive cooling isn't unrestricted as it sounds. Your case should have enough air flow going to that area that that shouldn't be a problem. You can get a heatsink for your m.2, but you would want to do a before and after test to see how effective it is because sometimes a heatsink can increase thermals. Small fans are loud and whiny and active cooling isn't very effective without heatsink fins to dissipate the heat. I would leave it, high temps are normal for nvme.

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I haven't had any issues with mine that is also above my graphics card. As long as you have decent airflow through your case you should be fine. It doesn't seem like Samsung is all that worried about it after all they paste a big sticker right over all the modules on the card so it must not be that big of a deal with heat. 

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