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Good PCI-e Wifi Card?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey all! Just built a new gaming/productivity rig and am currently using a sub-par usb wifi adapter since my router is on another floor.  Any suggestions on good PCI-e wifi cards?

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Hi, I have an AC router but I have been using the oldish TL-WDN4800 for many years, solid af, I have it on my main desktop rigs and my media server, awesome support on Debian, xubuntu, etc :)

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I prefer to get a pcie to m.2 adaptor and use an intel wifi card like the Wireless-AC 8265. Its often much cheaper than the Asus card and faster too. Plus you can upgrade it cheaper and use the same card in a laptop as well.

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1 hour ago, Woodman567 said:

Any suggestions on good PCI-e wifi cards?

This would be dependent on what wifi standard the network you will be connected is on. Based on that and one with a good antenna for a better connection, you would be able to find the best wifi card for your usage scenario. You would not want to use something like a cheap USB wifi adapter for a high-end commercial router which you plan on connecting to as it will most likely cause a bottleneck. Or something that is basically the other way around (a high-end wireless card with a very low-end router) as then the bottleneck becomes the router.

Hope this information post was helpful  ?,


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I am currently looking for a good router and wi-fi antenna adapter/card for my Desktop, as soon I will be moving home and the new Landlord does not allow me to drill the walls to have a cable in the 'office room'. Living room has plenty of space, but no space for my Destop (so far... dueling with my fiance). The distance from the possible router location and the desktop is between 10-15m with a few walls which are not as thick, something like this in my poorly draw/not to scale blueprint.



I still don't really know how will be the behavior for the 5 GHz network, as I am still in my old apartment and a wired connection. Do you guys think that the Asus PCE-AC68 will be good with a good router with beamforming capability such as the TP-Link AC5400 or Asus RT-AC3200 (in case one these are actually good)? The house is bigger than this terrible blueprint, and I also want to have a decent signal in our bedroom (only for phone and browsing on laptop) which is about another 10m and a few more walls further away. My budget for this 'project' is about £300.


Edit: In my current apartment the walls have some weird metallic mesh which completely destroys my 4G signal and Wi-Fi inside the place. In the new apartment there is no such thing and I have great 4G inside it inside every room of the house.


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